Paul Roach, or Paul Bryan Roach to distinguish himself from the other ones –as a quick trip through Googlealia reveals there are Paul Roach surfers, Paul Roach footballers, Paul Roach assistant directors of relationship management, and a fair-few more.  This Paul Roach is a U.S. Naval Officer, a physician, surgeon, an oncologic sub-specialist, and apropos of this website, an author of two books thus far plus an occasional web log.

He’s a little older than what you see here but it’s just a photo and we’d be wrong to read too much into it.  The front page photo is current, anyway.

PBR as an author aspires to give the reader something worth their genuine interest and affection. That may sound a modest goal but it’s not, really.  Professionals who focus upon nothing else but writing have devil enough of a time with it; God only knows how dicey a proposition it can be for the amateur.  But like romance and politics, writing and literature are too important to leave entirely to the pro’s.  Some of us who are fully engaged in the actual events of combat or other professions must be free to tell our stories first hand.  Thank God for the Internet.

Perhaps you’ll love it, I don’t know? Despite the modest goal I stated above, that’s what I’m really after, anyway:  something excited in you, and impacted; I want what you read to stick to your ribs and it’s my humble goal to do just that –to present to you, my dear reader, a few stories and discussions that may meet or exceed your rigorous standards and prove themselves worthy.  It’s what storytellers have always loved to do.