Three Cancer Specialists and a Graphic Design Artist Discuss Cancer

Leaving the doctor’s office it’s normal to ask your spouse or friend or Mom or daughter, “What just happened? What did he say, exactly?” or perhaps a dozen or more other questions regarding the new diagnosis. The visit to get the biopsy results went so fast. You heard, “So, it’s Cancer” and then everything after that went blank. This is a podcast dedicated to that moment, that feeling, that problem, and all that it entails. We’ll work through the diagnosis, the etiology, the treatment options, the team, course, prognosis, impact, quality of life, and the overall experience of being the patient and the family and to a lesser extent, of being the physician or nurse. We may not cure cancer with this podcast, but we will explain it.

Hosts: Paul Roach, MD, FACS, is a practicing Surgical Oncologist.

Courtney Coke, MD is a practicing Radiation Oncologist

Peter Schelegel, MD is a practicing Medical Oncologist

Mike Riordan is a graphic design artist, owner/instructor DigitalDesign Labs.

Goals: Benefit the listeners through deep-dive explanations of the crucially important, very complicated subject in conversational, understandable detail.