1. So doc, it’s Cancer? is a podcast dedicated to being a “how-to” manual for cancer patients and their friends and families.Each month we will work through different elements of the overall problem, “from soup to nuts” as they say, beginning at the beginning such as the the basics of what cancer is, who may be at risk, who is involved in the treatments, why treatments differ so much from one cancer to another, or even within the same type of cancer?The podcast will work through to the various possible outcomes, and quality of life.
  2. Why? Need for physician-led podcast series that is patient centric.It helps to have a chat with your physician, only, that chat is usually short, emotional, hard to remember, and often only a beginning.
  3. Hosts: Paul Roach – Surgical Oncology; Courtney Coke – Radiation Oncology; Pete Schlegel – Medical Oncology; Mike Riordan – Graphic Designer