U.S. Marine Captain Francis Xavier O’Rourke has a big problem: Afghanistan, gunfire, and a helicopter crash have left him burnt, broken, and in pieces. Alas, while hospitalized and in critical condition he meets his end, and in a swirling blaze of brilliance transports into the afterlife. But darling it is not the end; it is not the end at all. Heaven, hell, angels and demons prove to be a world apart from what he had expected.  What, with so many people to meet, choices to make, and battles to fight, it rapidly becomes apparent to ex-USMC Captain Francis Xavier O’Rourke that life after death it is not one little bit beatific. Not for the likes of him, at least. Rather, for Fran it appears the afterlife is likely to be even more intense and calamitous than life in the world he so recently, and tragically, departed. Nevertheless Fran’s inner nature trumps his better judgment and no sooner is he safe in heaven than he jeopardizes it all to infiltrate hell as a double-agent. His mission at first is vague and open-ended. His adversaries are clever and ruthless. Yet more daunting perhaps than all the demons he finds, Fran encounters a bold and lovely young woman named Deirdre who challenges him to find the courage of his convictions and helps him to define and understand who he wants to be in this next life, and why.
“The End” is a metaphysical action/adventure thriller, as well as a philosophical tale exploring the nature of death and suffering, the purpose of human endeavor, the value and the meaning of life.  “The End” fractures traditional Catholic dogma to abstract out a unique presentation of good and evil, heaven and hell. It is also a love story: between God and man, parent and child, man and woman, and comrades-in-arms. Adventurous, raw, thought-provoking and inspirational, “The End” weaves several story lines and literary genres into one exciting, page-turning ride which will surprise and delight you from the first chapter through the the final sentences.
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Reviewed By Melinda Hills for Readers’ Favorite: ​FIVE STARS!

What is it like after you die? That is a question that burns in many peoples’ minds and in The End: A Story of Love and War in the Afterlife by Paul Bryan Roach, the answer is simple – whatever you want. For Fran O’Rourke, getting killed in a helicopter crash in Afghanistan was actually just the beginning. Upon arriving at the unofficial headquarters of the secret ops group, the Roués, where he meets up with his father, Fran is brought into a new, even bigger war – between God and the devil. In his unique position as a brain dead Marine on life support, he and the other Roué operatives are able to infiltrate the ranks of the evil forces intent on interfering with the birth of a new Messiah. Convinced that mankind must be eliminated in order to save planet Earth, demons and hell-spirits do all they can to set man against man and destroy any chances of emotional and spiritual growth. In contrast, Fran, Deirdre and the whole crew strive to maintain the Glory of God and prevent Homo sapiens from falling into the void. In this eternal battle, who will come out on top?Paul Bryan Roach has created a completely believable alternate universe parallel to earth in which spirits ‘live’ their lives and keep watch over humans. The End: A Story of Love and War in the Afterlife is full of exciting action, but also presents deeply moving arguments about the nature of God, the Universe and man’s place in it. Dealing with contemporary issues that are essentially timeless, Roach questions whether man will survive or destroy himself and the planet on which he lives. An excellent action story, The End is also a surprising love story with some interesting twists