God (Adonai) and the Devil (Samael) have worked together for billions of years creating Nature; and for the last few hundred million with intent to create a species capable of carrying their work forward into the otherwise sterile solar system and galaxy. But recently, say for ten or fifteen thousand years, they’ve come into disagreement on the prospects of one particular species, one both promising and threatening to the entire enterprise: Homo sapiens.  Humankind.

Early in the novel, Samael convinces Adonai that the sapiens are too destructive to succeed.  Adonai, broken-hearted over facts which she knows to be accurate, agrees to stop guiding and assisting them and reluctantly, to allow the sapiens to run themselves into extinction.  Her last, best hope for the species, Anne Murphy, a young, new President of the United States with the vision and leadership to steer the world in the right direction, is not likely to get her chance because of multiple adversaries —ones both human and spiritual, internal to the USA and external to it— who intend to destroy her, beginning with a coup d’etat.

Meanwhile, Samael, acting through Iran’s Supreme Leader and the Republican Guards Quds Force, has invented bomb-like devices that convert breathable oxygen into unbreathable ozone and has planted them throughout the three hundred largest cities of the world (with the exception of Tehran).  When detonated they will strangulate sixty percent of the world’s population precipitating chaos and inciting wholesale destruction of humankind.

Furthermore, major Oil concerns within the USA have a highly-developed plan to assassinate the President before she can enact her signature project:  a Constitutional Amendment mandating stewardship of the environment. Francis O’Rourke and Deirdre Kavanagh are two, kindred spirits in the afterlife who intend to do whatever they can to change that.  As members of Heaven’s elite Commando forces they league-up in an unusual strike team named “The Roués.”  They boldly venture into the depths of Hell to confront Samael and into the high reaches of Heaven to address Adonai, angling and bargaining for one last chance to save humanity.  They race against time, against distance, and against human and spiritual obstacles to try to avert the catastrophe and to support President Murphy.  The struggle will destroy them all or bring them together.  The fate of humankind lies in the balance.

The novel is in final production. Hold your breath for the multi-cast, scripted audiobook. The cast is brilliant, and the production is outstanding!